Aluminum Fences

Attractive and elegant maintenance-free fencing with the look of wrought-iron fencing without the rust. High strength alloy powder coated standard colors with stainless steel fasteners. Widely seen around pools for code or beautiful views.

We are a premier dealer of ActiveYards aluminum and vinyl fencing products. These fences are the best-of-the-best when it comes to quality fencing solutions. What sets ActiveYards fences apart is their proprietary features of strength, color retention and other ingenious designs that creates a long-lasting, low maintenance, professional grade product. Not only that, but they are easy to install and backed by a valuable lifetime transferable warranty.

Aluminum Fencing - Superior Engineering

Depending on the specific style you choose, here are some of Aluminum Fencing major features.

Aluminum Fence Section Features

Beautiful & Durable Powder Coating Finish

Our aluminum fences are powder coated at the factory with a durable coating that will protect the fence from rust, fading, and anything else you might be worried about.

Thick Aluminum Walls

Our aluminum fences are manufactured with a thicker aluminum than many other aluminum fences. This means they will offer stronger, long lasting protection - which is why we can offer a lifetime warranty!

Common Applications of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences in Pensacola, Florida add charm and security with a variety of applications.

Residential Aluminum Fence - Pace, Florida

Aluminum Residential Fencing

Residential aluminum fencing across the Pensacola area is designed to create stylish spaces while providing added security to homes, especially with children and pets. No matter what your taste or budget, aluminum fencing can add that extra charming curb appeal you are looking for.

Commercial Aluminum Fence - Pace, Florida

Aluminum Commercial Fencing

Designed for superior corrosion resistance outdoors, commercial aluminum fencing for Pensacola is a cut above the competitors. Higher grades than residential aluminum can be chosen on a scale based on your property and business needs.

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Our FREE online Fence Estimator Tool makes it easy to compare pricing of different configurations, options, and styles. You can get an instant price quote to help you make the best decision for your situation!

Common Ways to Use Aluminum Fencing

We especially love aluminum fencing when it comes to these top fencing need scenarios in Pace & Pensacola, Florida.

Aluminum Pool Fencing in Pace, Florida

Aluminum Pool Fence

For peace of mind around your Florida pool area, choose to install a custom aluminum fence. Our fences meet the highest levels of code your town may have and are guaranteed to be secure, covered by a great manufacturer warranty. Choose aluminum fencing for your pool for style, safety and seeing all areas of your space.

Aluminum Dog Fencing in Pace, Florida

Aluminum Pet Fence

Your pets are an important part of your family. Installing an aluminum fence in Pensacola, FL will help assure that you can keep them safe while also giving them the space to enjoy without being tied to a leash. Aluminum fences are made with the perfect combination of rackability and strong, unbreakable material your pet cannot penetrate.

Aluminum Decorative Fencing in Pace, Florida

Aluminum Decorative Fence

Not only do aluminum fences create the perfect blend of security and low maintenance longevity, the wide selection of designs, customizable styles and colors creates a distinctly attractive enhancement to your property's entire appearance.

ActiveYards® Aluminum Fencing

Your peace of mind is uppermost in our mind. With ActiveYards products you can keep what's important in and what's unwanted out. Several of our fences provide a beautiful and durable, yet cost-effective solution for your home and yard. ActiveYards is committed to providing fencing solutions that make you feel safe and secure without breaking the bank.

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Our aluminium fencing comes from our manufacturer, ActiveYards and is built using beautiful, durable solutions that are cost-effective and provide the safety and security you need. We offer a wide variety of aluminum fencing products to meet a range of needs for each property.

Homes and businesses in Pace may benefit greatly from aluminum fencing. Black aluminum fence is a popular choice for many homeowners who want to improve the appearance of their property.

Aluminum fence in Pace is popular because of its durability and aesthetic appeal in the face of extreme weather conditions. Aluminum fences will never fade, corrode, or otherwise break down and are extremely easy to clean.

Absolutely! Pace, Florida, and the surrounding region, in particular, are big fans of aluminum pool fences. Most of our clients in the Pensacola region opt to install aluminum fencing to secure and beautify their pool area to create the visibility for safety while also creating a safe, strong barrier that meets the local pool codes.

We take pride in the work we do and offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on every job. On top of that, our fences come with specific manufacturer warranties based on the type and style you choose. Speak to our fence experts to discover more details about the fence you would like.

While every fence has a different cost based on a lot of factors involving size of the property, style, material and specific order details, aluminum fencing is one of the more costly fence materials. When you take into consideration the durability and length of life of an aluminum fence as well as the low maintenance and no need for repair expenses, you'll see that the upfront cost of aluminum fencing can be more cost-effective in the end.

Most towns across Florida do not require permits for any type of fence 6ft tall or less in the back yard or 4ft or less in the front yard. As fencing experts in Pace and the surrounding area, we will consult with you about your specific situation and guide you through the permitting process if you do happen to need a permit for your fence.

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